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Whole Life Insurance (Kids)


Are you a new parent? Wondering if you need life insurance for your newborn? By comparing life insurance quotes with MyLegacy Insurance Services, you can secure the most competitive rate instantly.

What is Newborn or Infant Life Insurance?

Investing in a whole life insurance policy for your child or grandchild can provide long-term financial security and opportunities for wealth accumulation, regardless of the availability of other forms of insurance coverage. It is a wise investment for future financial security and wealth building. This type of policy provides lifelong coverage and the potential for dividend payments or a cash value to access later in life. By getting life insurance for your children, you can provide them with financial protection for the rest of their lives and also create a savings and investment vehicle for their education, first home, travel and more. You can either opt for a term rider on your own policy or purchase them their own permanent policy, with whole life insurance providing greater coverage options and future insurance eligibility.

Different Types of Whole Life Insurance for Kids

Traditional Whole Life Insurance

Traditional whole life insurance for children functions similarly to whole life insurance for adults. It offers lifelong coverage and a guaranteed death benefit. The policy builds cash value over time, which can be accessed in the future if needed. This type of policy can provide financial protection for your child's entire life and potentially serve as a savings vehicle for their future needs.

Guaranteed Insurability Rider

A guaranteed insurability rider is an add-on to a whole life insurance policy that allows you to purchase additional coverage for your child at certain ages or life events without the need for further underwriting or medical exams. This rider ensures that your child can secure additional coverage in the future, regardless of any changes in their health or insurability.

Child Term Rider

A child term rider is a type of rider that can be added to a parent's or guardian's life insurance policy. It provides temporary coverage specifically for the child, typically until they reach a certain age, such as 25 or 30. This rider can be an affordable way to ensure your child has coverage during their early years, while also benefiting from the parent's existing life insurance policy.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Single premium whole life insurance involves making a one-time lump-sum payment upfront to secure permanent coverage for your child. This type of policy is fully paid for and provides lifelong protection without the need for further premium payments. Single premium whole life insurance can be a way to ensure your child has guaranteed coverage throughout their life, and it may also build cash value over time.

When considering whole life insurance for children, it's important to assess your specific needs, financial goals and budget. Consulting with our expert insurance advisor can help you understand the options available and select the most suitable type of whole life insurance for your child's future protection and financial well-being.

Product Highlights

Coverage Options for Newborn Insurance

Protecting your newborn is your top priority as a parent, and one of the best ways to do that is by investing in an infant health insurance plan. These plans are specifically designed to provide coverage for your child's medical needs, giving you peace of mind knowing that your little one is protected. Here are some of the coverage options you can expect with an infant health insurance plan in Canada :

Basic Medical coverage

This includes coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays and prescription medications.

Critical Illness coverage

This provides financial support if your child is diagnosed with a serious illness, such as cancer or heart disease.

Life Insurance coverage

This ensures that your child is covered in the event of a tragic accident or unexpected death.

Long-term Care coverage

This covers the cost of long-term medical care, such as in-home nursing or assisted living facilities.

By investing in an infant health insurance plan, you're investing in your child's future. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your little one. Contact us today to learn more about our coverage options and get a quote for your infant health insurance plan.


Benefits of Whole Life Insurance for Kids

Children's insurance policies provide financial security for families and help alleviate the stress of unexpected costs. It also ensures that children are covered for future health issues and allows parents to focus on what's important - their child's well-being.

Insurability for life

Insurability for life

Having a whole life insurance policy for your child ensures that they have guaranteed coverage for their entire life, regardless of any health changes that may occur in the future. This is especially important because your child will be assured for the future that they are insured.

Financial Security

Financial Security

A whole life insurance policy for kids is an effective way to build wealth and provides lifelong coverage. The policy also has the potential for dividend payments and a cash value that can be accessed later in life. This cash value can be used to fund your child's education, buy their first home, or as a retirement strategy.

Flexible premium payments

Flexible premium payments

Whole life insurance policies have a set premium payment that remains consistent for the duration of the policy. This means that parents can lock in the insurance rate at an early age for their child and even pay it off early, freeing their children from the worry of monthly payments.

Critical Illness coverage

Critical Illness coverage

Whole life insurance policies can also include critical illness coverage for children. This provides the financial flexibility needed to obtain expensive medications and extra treatments that may not be affordable without insurance. As a parent or legal guardian, this policy also benefits you by allowing you to take time off work to be with and care for your child without suffering an income loss.

Guaranteed Insurability for your child's future

Guaranteed Insurability for your child's future

Having a whole life insurance policy for your child also guarantees their future insurance ability, even if their health changes. This is crucial because it ensures that they will always have the ability to be insured as adults, regardless of their health status.

Overall, whole life insurance policies for kids in Canada offer a variety of benefits that can help provide lifelong financial security and peace of mind for both parents and their children.

How Does Insurance for Newborns or Infant in Canada Work?

Kids Whole Life Insurance in Canada operates similarly to adult whole life insurance policies. By investing in whole life insurance for their children, parents can provide lifelong coverage and financial security for their child's future. Whole life insurance also guarantees future insurance eligibility for the child, regardless of their health status in the future. Parents can lock in a low insurance rate at an early age and even pay off the policy early, giving their child the peace of mind that they are protected for life.

One of the greatest benefits of whole life insurance for children is the savings and investment vehicle it provides. Parents can use the cash value built up in the policy to help pay for their child's education, buy their first home, purchase their first car, contribute towards their wedding, or even as a retirement tool for their child. By investing in whole life insurance for their children, parents can provide lifelong financial security and peace of mind, while also creating a valuable asset for their child's future.


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